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In Photos and Film, Kenyan Girls Tell the Story of Life in the Slums - Women & Girls.jpg
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Two Sisters' Journey Embodies Plight of Young Refugees Fleeing Alone - Women & Girls.jpg
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Au Burundi, l’armée passe au coup d’Etat - Libération.png
Kenya and More — Pictures of the Day -
Counting Under Way in Tense Kenya Election -
Violence shatters wealthy expat life as Somali militants attack Western targets | The Times.JPG
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DenverPost_ Kenya Election.JPG
Photo Dans le quartier somalien de Nairobi5 -
PhotoKENYA3 -
Kenya gets a new president - The Washington Post.JPG
Kenya's top court upholds Kenyatta win in disputed election -
DenverPost3_ Kenya Election.JPG
Photos_ Kenya elects new presiden3enter.JPG
Kenya's new leader 'to work with rivals' - Yahoo! News UK.JPG
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