Overall views of Kathieth market near Nyal South Sudan
 A woman walks across a dry riverbed in Turkana, Kenya on 18 October 2017. 

The drought has caused significant losses of livestock in Turkana, Northwestern Kenya, where most people are pastoralists and depend on their goats, camels, and cows for milk, meat and currency. Hence, Turkana county is showing alarming acute malnutrition rates: over 30% in all sub-counties, that’s twice the emergency threshold of 15%. 

Malnutrition weakens children’s immune systems so they are vastly more susceptible to pneumonia and other preventable illnesses.
 Angelina comforts her baby, Nyaladu

Angelina Nyadoang Juack, 38, and her family are from Nyal and her husband lives in an IDP camp in Juba. She has seen conditions in Nyal deteriorate over the years.
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